The Bhadrakali of Ambagarathur

                The goddess is known to possess enormous powers and ladies normally offer that is in fulfillment of  their vows.  Her image with 4 arms facing north is made of Terracota.  She is always draped in immaculate  white cloth measuring 20 mts in length. A 12 day Annual Festival is Conducted in May & June. During that  time countless number of devotees will gather there to worship. Laksharchana are conducted on the last  Tuesday in the Tamil month of Aadi (July & Aug) and Thai (Jan & Feb). The temple lies 15 kms west of  Karaikal.
To the west of Karaikal in Ambagarathur village of Thirunallar commune, (13.8 km west of Karaikal-Peralam Road) there exists a Badrakaliyamman temple. The temple assumes the name of Goddess Parasakthi who is believed to have killed a Rakshasha by name Ambaran who was killing people day-in and day-out. At the time of  killing (vadham) Ambaran was in buffalo form. The place was initially known as Ambara-harattur meaning victory over Ambaran, which subsequently became Ambagarathur.